23 November 2020

Time to Thank Some Special StLGS Volunteers

In a typical year, the St. Louis Genealogical Society office in Maplewood hums with activity three mornings a week as volunteers work together to process thousands of genealogical records, answer research questions, plan programs and events, prepare publications, maintain the website, and keep the day-to-day activities of the society flowing smoothly. Although the office is "officially" only open from 9 a.m. until noon, there are usually volunteers arriving early and almost always people are staying late. In addition, many work from home on "off days" or come into the office whenever they have something to do. In a typical year, we thank our volunteers with a brunch or small party and then with recognition at our annual Family History Conference in the spring. But this year has not been typical!

16 November 2020

Visiting Family in the "Good Old Days" Could Be a Bumpy Ride

Usually, this is the time of year when we start humming, “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go,” which makes us think of horses, sleighs, snow, and home-cooked Thanksgiving feasts. Since it seems that this year is going to be missing many of those things, or at least scaled down for the feasting, it is a good time to reflect on how our ancestors traveled to visit family in “the good old days” and to be glad we don’t have to rely on horses and sleighs! Do you know what kind of vehicles your forebears used?

09 November 2020

More Than Ever, St. Louis Genealogical Society Needs Your Support

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and, in this upside-down and frequently difficult and nerve-wracking year, we all will be delighted to bring some joy and celebration into our lives. However, it is also a time to think about how to ensure the future for some of our favorite institutions that have been hard-hit by the pandemic this year. The pandemic has made 2020 an especially challenging year for our society. While we were able to hold meetings for the first few months of the year, Trivia Night in early March was the last event that was held in person. The rest of the year has been a ceaseless effort of rescheduling and designing "Plan B." What we have been able to accomplish is only possible because of your memberships and donations.

02 November 2020

StLGS November/December Genealogy Meetings


We hope everyone had a safe and healthy Halloween, even if it wasn't exactly the same as years past. It looks like November will be off to a sunny, mild start in our part of the Midwest, and, as we begin the countdown to the holiday season, which also will look and feel quite different this year, we want to remind you that our genealogy calendar still contains several exciting virtual events. We have one more class online, free to StLGS members, as well as an interesting monthly meeting, open to all, a Jewish SIG meeting, and our virtual Fall Speaker Series, "Often Overlooked St. Louis Resources," which is now available online as digital recordings. Here are all the details.

26 October 2020

Broken Mirrors and Spilled Salt: Some of our Ancestors' Superstitions

Some of us grew up with immigrant parents or grandparents who carried many seemingly odd rituals to this country with them. Did your ancestors toss a bit of salt over their left shoulders if they spilled the shaker or avoid walking under ladders? Did they predict seven years of bad luck if they broke a mirror? Where did all the talk about evil and devils and bad luck originate? Learning more about the origins of superstitions, customs, and traditions can give us insight to the lives of our ancestors and help to enhance our family histories.

18 October 2020

Genealogy During the Pandemic: Digitizing Your Slides

If you are old enough to remember when photography meant cameras, film, and flash attachments, then you probably also have boxes of photos, negatives, and slides. Travel has always involved photography, but for those of us "born in the day," that meant dozens of rolls of slide film, leading to hundreds of slides each time we took a trip. Years of vacations and family reunions before digital cameras came along led to thousands of slides sitting in Kodak Carousel trays taking up a vast amount of shelf space.

12 October 2020

10 Genealogy Webinars Now Available on StLGS Website—Many for Free!

As this very strange year begins to draw into its waning days, and with all the coming and going of Zoom meetings and digital recordings, this is a good time to remind everyone of the growing collection of recorded classes, meetings, and webinars that are now available on our website. Although our online classes are only for members, meetings that have been digitally recorded are open to everyone, and it’s still not too late to take advantage of the virtual Fall Speaker Series, "Often Overlooked St. Louis Resources," with livestreamed lectures scheduled for next weekend, October 17th and 18th. Here is what is currently available on our website and how to access everything that is there. Be aware that there are expiration dates on some of the recordings, so don’t miss your chance to watch!