11 July 2017

From Slaves to Soldiers: Talk at Sage Chapel Cemetery

StLGS member Dorris Keeven-Franke wanted everyone to know about this upcoming talk and invites you to attend. Dorris writes:

"Several years ago, my friend George Abington asked me for help in researching his family history. He had his father's name, and was looking for the name of his father's father. I enthusiastically said yes without thinking (just as I often do) before beginning this research project. You see, George Abington's grandfather was born a slave in St. Charles County. Although I had over 20 years of experience as a professional genealogist, I didn't fully realize the challenges that African Americans face in tracing their ancestors. In fact, all four of George's grandparents were born slaves.

Many of you may have already heard the story of George's grandfather when we shared it with him at a St. Charles County Historical Society program several years ago. Since then, the story has grown so much larger! When the St. Louis African American Genealogical Society was working on their project for a monument for the U.S. Colored Troops, we discovered that the Abington family had a voice in that story as well. Now, that chapter can be updated for everyone! The Abington family, like many other African American families also has a voice in the history of the Sage Chapel Cemetery in O'Fallon, Missouri. These voices do not get an opportunity to be heard very often.

My friend George Abington is here in St. Louis, and I would like to personally invite you to a very special program, this coming Sunday, July 16, 2017, at the VFW Post 5077 (8500 Veterans Memorial Highway, 63366) at 1 p.m. for "From Slaves to Soldiers." This is an opportunity to hear a story that is so seldom heard, and visit the Sage Chapel Cemetery. This is a special place that is filled with the history of George's relatives and is in need of some care.  I do hope you can join us, and please feel free to bring along a friend to share in the story. I look forward to seeing you."

The Sage Chapel Cemetery is in O'Fallon, Missouri. Click here for a link to Google maps.