Saturday, June 29, 2013

StLGS Office News

Just a reminder that the StLGS office will be closed on Thursday, 4 July. We hope you have a great holiday and that you will visit us on Saturday, the 6th, when we will be back to our regular office hours.

In other news, at long last, the new road leading from Hanley Road into Sunnen Industrial has been completed, making it possible once again to get to our office from Hanley.

If you are coming south on Hanley, now you can cross Manchester Road, and look for the first traffic light, a new intersection of Hanley and Sunnen, at the crest of the hill. There is a Mini dealership on the southeast corner and a Phillips 66 gas station on the west side of Hanley just before the light. Make a left and follow the new road past the MetroLink station. Keep going until you get to the second roundabout (traffic circle) and make a right.

For those of you coming north on Hanley, go past the Deer Creek Shopping Center (which has recently been rebuilt and now boasts some excellent shopping). Go under the railroad trestle and up the hill. The new light is just past the Mini dealership; you will make a right and proceed as above. 

This afternoon, our parking lot got new stripes and a few new handicapped spaces, so parking should be a bit easier when you visit.

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