08 January 2018

Society News

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have made it through the freezing cold, snow, ice, and airport turmoil of the past few weeks. Time to turn thoughts to genealogy once again in preparation for an exciting year of new discoveries.

We'll start this new year by sharing some updates on society news and events. As you know, we suspended publication of our monthly newsletter, News 'n Notes, with the December issue. Now it's important for you to stay up to date with us via social media and our website (and, of course, this weekly blog!) If you aren't part of our Facebook or Twitter groups, please join. It's free, simple, and wonderfully interactive. You'll get the latest news in minutes and can also meet other genealogists and learn from them, if you are interested.
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Office News
Just before the holidays, we updated the telephone system in the office. For the first time in almost two decades, we now have a modern, reliable phone network. Thanks to our technology director, Eric Wilson, and his trusty assistants, Mark Madrasz and Bob Goode, for their hard work on getting everything set up. And thanks to those of you who have called in while we were learning to use the new system for your patience. We now have the voice mail working properly and can usually transfer a call without losing it!

With the new year also came new positions for some of the office staff. Karen Goode has assumed her elected position of vice-president of programs. Viki Fagyal, who had held that position, has moved into the treasurer's seat, and Ed Dolata, former treasurer, has taken over as vice-president for membership. Both Viki and Ed have held those jobs before, so they are already up and running at their respective desks.

We had some website issues during the late fall that caused us to fall a bit behind on processing pages for St. Louis Congregations, St. Louis City/County Biographies, and back issues of the StLGS Quarterly. Again, thank you for your patience as we now begin to catch up on all of these pages. Watch the "New on This Site" page on our website during the next few weeks to see all of the exciting additions we have for you!
Reminders . . .

January Monthly Meeting
Our first monthly meeting of the new year will take place on Saturday, 13 January, at 10 a.m. in the auditorium at the Headquarters building of the St. Louis County Library, 1640 South Lindbergh Boulevard. We'll start the year with a panel discussion where you can "Ask Your Questions." We hope to see you there.

Trivia Night

This popular fundraiser will take place on Saturday, 3 March, at the Maplewood/Richmond Heights Community Center. Always a fun-filled occasion, this evening event has rounds of interesting questions, a fabulous silent auction, and bonus rounds with excellent prizes. Registration is now open, and we do hope you will invite friends or just come by yourself and make new ones. Click here for more information and/or to register on our website.

Annual Family History Conference: Genealogy . . .  Finding Your Way Online!

Please join us at this year's all-day conference: Genealogy . . .  Finding Your Way Online! Featuring nationally-known author, instructor, and lecturer, Pam Sayre; Missouri State Archivist, John Dougan, and some of our experienced local speakers, this year's conference will take place on Saturday, 7 April, at Orlando Gardens in Maryland Heights. Registration is now open. Click here for more information and/or to register on our website.

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