12 October 2018

StLGS Special News

 Fall Speaker Series

The Fall Speaker Series, Google Strategies for Genealogy, scheduled for Saturday, 20 October, has now sold out. Online registration is no longer available and no walk-ins will be accepted. We are excited that this event has proven to be so popular but sorry not to be able to accommodate late registrations. Looking forward to seeing many of you there, and, for those who can't make it, we have many more special events and programs scheduled for next year. Stay tuned!

StLGS Voting

Ballots for this year's StLGS election were mailed electronically last week to members who receive the Quarterly journal through email and via postal mail to those who don't. For some reason, however, some people, especially those who use AT&T and its subsidiaries for their email, did not receive their instructions for voting. We think the problem is that the letters, sent from our MailChimp provider, were misidentified as spam and never delivered after we sent them out.

If you did not receive a ballot and/or have not yet voted, we hope you will do so. Even though the election is uncontested, your vote shows your support for our candidates. You can cast your vote easily by clicking here.

You will need your member number for the ballot. You can find your number at the top of the mailing label of your Quarterly, on your membership card, or at the top of the MailChimp letter you received announcing the summer Quarterly. If you no longer have that email, the fall Quarterly will be emailed this week, so you can wait a few days and get your member number when your new MailChimp letter arrives.

Voting closes on Thursday, 1 November, so please cast your votes by then.

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