31 December 2018

Happy New Year!

(Thanks to former StLGS president, Fran Behrman, for contributing to this week's blog.)

Welcome to StlGS. How can it be that another year has passed? Time really does fly when there is so much to do and discoveries to make. I hope that 2018 was a successful year for each of you as genealogists. Looking back, what was your major breakthrough? Are you starting to write the story of your family's history? How about contributing a biography or two to the society's St. Louis City/County Biographies Project? Always more to do and accomplish.

We have some upcoming programs and events to assist you in 2019 that we hope will give you more insight, beginning in January with our popular Ask Louie panel discussion. Here's an opportunity to ask a question or two and get the expertise of StLGS volunteers in helping with answers.

In February, StLGS past-president, Ted Steele, is spotlighted at our monthly meeting and will be talking about “Putting Meat on the Bones.” Ted has authored numerous family histories and the depth that he brings to each subject is informative and thorough. Putting meat, so to speak, behind the story of a person brings life and interest. So be there!

Our programs director has done her work in scheduling and the technology team has been busy updating the website with all the flyers and information you need to begin planning for next year's genealogy meetings.

To obtain flyers and updated information on the monthly meetings, special events, and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings for 2019, here are some links to the society's website:

Click here to go to the Calendar of Events page.

Click here for the German SIG meetings for 2019.

Click here for the Irish SIG meetings for 2019.

Click here for the Jewish SIG meetings for 2019.

You know we have doing this for fifty-plus years, and it is always amazing that there is something new to learn and apply to our research. We hope you will plan ahead and attend all our upcoming events.

May your year ahead be filled with great discovery. And let us take a cup of kindness for Auld Lang Syne.


Classes for winter/spring are in the planning stage and will be ready to go online shortly after the new year. We'll have more on them and other January/early February meetings next week.


From all of us at StLGS, a very Healthy and Happy New Year!



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