20 May 2019

The War of 1812 in Missouri AND Fan Charts: New Products for Sale!

StLGS volunteers have been very busy this spring getting more new products ready for family history researchers. We now have two new books about the War of 1812 in Missouri and the formation of the Missouri Rangers.

The War of 1812 in Missouri, Volumes One and Two

Based on the work of noted genealogist, Robert Parkin, and edited by Ann Fleming, Ruth Ann Hager, and Ilene Murray, these volumes are rich with the history of the pioneers and Native Americans who were in the Mississippi and Missouri River Valleys during the early nineteenth century. The editors have added maps, glossaries, bibliographies, and indexes filling both books with valuable information for researchers of the time period.

Book One, called Tales of the Red Head, Black Hawk, and Missouri Rangers centers on the life and times of William Clark, Black Hawk, and the intrepid men and families who settled the frontier.

Book Two, called Profiles of Missouri Rangers, contains genealogical and biographical information on many of the people mentioned in the first volume. At the end of this volume is a section with rarely-seen early maps of the state and individual counties along the rivers.

If you had ancestors in the territory that became the state of Missouri, you will want to have these books in your library. You can buy them singly or in a set at the StLGS store. Much more information about the contents of the books is on our website. You can click on the button on the StLGS home page or go directly to the books' page. (Members: Remember to log in first to get your coupon code for the store.) Questions about the books? Send an email to publications@stlgs.org.

Fan Charts

The society is now offering family tree fan charts in two sizes: seven and nine generations. Both come in full-color, and the nine-generation chart also comes in black and white. You can get your chart with or without names and dates. They are printed in our office and can be ordered in person or via email. The charts are based on GEDCOM files, which must be submitted with your order.

Complete instructions for ordering a fan chart are on the StLGS website. You can download a booklet that contains an order form and explains how to create your GEDCOM on the Fan Charts page.

Questions about fan charts should be sent to fanchart@stlgs.org.

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